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A Warzone bug is allowing players to shoot while downed

Another day, another game breaking Warzone bug, and it seems like a new bug is appearing almost every week.

A clip has gone viral on Reddit of a Warzone player who had an encounter with a very confused opponent. After dropping into the Downtown location, he swept the building for loot and noticed there was a player on his radar, the player came up the elevator shaft cables and after a very short gunfight ended up getting downed.

Whilst the enemy was down, he was able to continue shooting. Usually players are left weapon-less when they get downed. Luckily the player who downed the enemy was able to avoid being downed himself, by the enemy he downed.

“I’m very glad I didn’t get downed here, but it scared the shit out of me” and he replied to doubters by saying “Watch again around the 9-10 seconds mark he definitely fired that weapon. The weapons he dropped were also an R-90” which can shoot the dragon breath rounds visible in the clip.

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The glitch is by no means running rife in Warzone at the moment, but as with the Hearbeat Sensor glitch from a while back, it can still ruin the game of the few players who encounter it, and it means players are more likely to thirst their kills when they down a player to avoid being shot at by the person they downed.

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