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A new leak gives us a sneak peek at new Fireteam map Sanatorium

Fans have been curious about the new map ever since it was announced, now they can get a closer look at the new Sanatorium map after a leaker posted images online.

As players enjoy Season 1 and all the new content it bought with it, some can’t help but wonder what Treyarch has in store for us next. A mid season update is due to be released on January 14, which will bring with it a new Fireteam map called Sanatorium.

Sanatorium is an “experimental health retreat” set deep in the Ural Plains, woodlands, lakes, hills and docks surround the buildings, and judging by the pictures, it looks great for some intense gunfights.

The Cold War setting allows for many interesting maps, but Sanatorium could be the best yet.

A leaker going by the name of DeclassifiedCOD has posted a series of images that show the map in a lot more detail than we have seen before. We already new some details about the map but this goes one step further.

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The first set of images shows the player standing in front of different points on interest in what looks to be a parkland area. Statues, steps, and flags can be seen in the photos. It also shows a large wooden attic inside of a building.

Other images show more outside areas, including a beach with a dock, grasslands and a lake.

One of the most exciting places looks like an old manor, walled off by a black gated fence and lots of trees. This looks like it could be a popular place for people to land on the map.

We don’t have a map plan to show the layout of the map yet, so we don’t know how big this will be or where these locations are in relation to one another, but as soon as more information is revealed we will keep you updated.

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