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Apex Legends: Unreleased Armorsmith Hop-up to Boost Shields Revealed in Leak


It has been revealed in a recent leak that Apex Legends may be receiving a new piece of equipment in the next update.

Image credit: EA/Respawn

As Season 8 of Apex Legends has just arrived in a destroyed King’s Canyon, it seems to be going strong. We’ve even seen the introduction of the new legend, Fuse and with the second Anniversary Collection event approaching it makes sense that we could be seeing some new items added to the game.

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As with Season 8 we have already seen a bunch of new guns and attachments that were changed, this itself has mixed the gameplay up a boatload. For example we have seen the return of the Anvil Receiver which gives the Flatline and the R301 quite a bit more damage power along with the removal of the Double Tap hop-up which give the Scout and EVA-8 a two shot trigger pull increase.

Now, it seems that there could new hop-up in the works that will be arriving in the game and is sure to shake things up even further. Leaker ‘Shrugtal” took to Twitter to share information on an Armorsmith hop-up that will help players to level their shields up faster.

There is no further information in this leak as to just how fast players will be able to level up their shields however, to level up an EVO-Shields the damage needed would be significantly reduced.

Along with this new hop-up, we could be seeing a host of new character changes, it has been rumoured that Caustic may be nerfed again. Caustic was already nerfed at the begging of Season 8 so that his gas would no longer be present once the player team have been eliminated.

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Fans are already calling for him to be nerfed again as his powers seem to be too strong, however he was already set to be nerfed in Season 7 before he was replaced at the last moment.

With a number of dates in speculation as to when we could be receiving this update it hard to decipher exactly when it will hit our consoles, with some pointing to the Anniversary Collection event and also a date of March 2nd fans will just have to hang on and wait for the update to be announced.

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