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7 Ultimate Animal Crossing Island Theme Ideas

If you’re like me and you’ve ploughed hours and hours into your island but you don’t really have much to show for it your in the right place. I know how daunting it can be to visit others 5 star islands and then return to my own island and think HOW DO THEY DO THIS?

You pay your mortgages off all to reach the ultimate goal of terminating, then finally when the moment comes your mind draws a blank. It’s so overwhelming know where to start, thinking of a theme, collecting furniture etc. So here I want to share with you some of my favourite island theme ideas you help you all get started and give you that bit of motivation to started terminating your island into your Utopia!

The perfect tool to help you with this is an Island Planner Journal! They are so helpful and help you form a clear of idea of how you want your island to look! You can pick one up here!




1. Botanical/Greenhouse Theme

New little outdoor Plant shop/ greenery area from AnimalCrossingTours

This is for the nature lovers, filling an area of your island with lots of greenery such as plants or flowers. You can also use the simple panel for the windows of the greenhouse, there are many deigns you can find and use for this to make it look for life like or you can even design your own. Bamboo and stone items are also a good addition to this theme to really make it pop!

2. Games Arcade Theme

Wanted to show off my mostly complete basement arcade! 💕 from AnimalCrossing

This is such an amazing idea to roll with for those hardcore gamers out there or anyone who just fancies a bit of a retro feel. It versatile because it can be done indoors or outdoors, it pretty much works anywhere on your island no matter where you set it up. Make sure to collect all of the games machines for this one, you can catalogue the items you don’t have from other players so you are able to order the later. Also add lots of neon for this one, floor lights and lava lamps are a good shout too!

3. Diner Theme

I finally finished my diner with custom design tiles and mats! 😄 from animalcrossingdesign

Many people like to add cafes and restaurant to their islands, a diner is such a good way to do this as you can be as creative as you like. There is a lot of different coloured diner sets you can collect and catalogue, and collection al of these to have a full set is part of the fun!

4. Outer Space Theme

Image Credit:

This is such a cool idea to try and create with your island! What makes it special also is that the majority of these items are DIYS that are only given by Celeste when she visits your island, or you can visit another players island if she is there too, but the important thing to remember is she will only give out one DIY per day, so if she is on your island you visit her on another in the same day, she will still only give you one. These items are often highly sought after items, so a collection like this can be rather impressive.

5. Urban City Theme

Image Credit:

One of the coolest themes to create on AC is the city scape. You can really show your creative side with this one as you can construct custom designs for roads and other areas. Keep it industrial with street lights and pylons, also vending machines and signage add a good edge to this theme for an urban finish!

6. Cherry Blossom Theme

I made custom paths that fit the cherry blossom theme! Can’t wait for the Sakura flower rain on 4/7! from AnimalCrossing

This is such a lovely theme to go with, however it can only be done with cherry blossom trees are in season, so if you’re someone who likes to keep changing their island up and trying new ideas this could be something to try! Also it looks adorable and there are many DIYS you can create with cherry blossom to add to the effect.

7. Tiki Theme

Sunset cocktails at the Tiki Bar, anyone? 🍹 from AnimalCrossing

An amazing theme to try, you can have so much fun with this one. You can really make use of the tiki torches and camp fires for this theme, lots of wood and log furniture look good too. Add a little shop front and decorate it with some panels to add a bar and add a tiki vibe!

Of course with AC there are so many avenues and options to explore, anything is possible. If you have the ideas you can create it, happy terraforming!

Creator of Gamerficial, not a journalist by any means. Have worked on GamingBible and Gamers On Board in the past. Tweet at me about my spelling and grammar mistakes.

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