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Nintendo Reveal Animal Crossing Fall Update: Spooky Fun to Come Next Week

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! Finally Nintendo have announced the free update that will bring lots of spooky fun for Halloween next week!

You will be able to download this update from the 30th September, so not much longer to wait!

There are many new feautures that are coming with this new update, we already cant wait to play.

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The new feautures that will be added to the game are:

Growing Your Own Pumpkin Patch

You will now be able to grown your own pumpkins! How exciting is this?! It is something fans have wanted to be able to do in the game for a long while, so we are so glad it has finally been added to the mix! Once your pumpkins are grown you can harvest them and use them in DIY recipes.

Buy Halloween Candy

You are now going to be able to buy candy from Nooks Cranny, you can hand this out to your villagers and friends too! You could even use it to set up your own trick or treat event! If you don’t save candy treats for your villagers there is a chance you make receive a trick!

Halloween Clothing

Able Sisters shop will be stocking Halloween costumes! This is perfect if you want to get dressed up and get in the full spooky spirit. Also your villagers will be dressing up in their own scary costumes!

Halloween Night

Halloween night itself has plenty of fun spooky activities packed in. It begins on October 31st at 5pm. You will be visited by Jack the pumpkin character who makes an appearance every Halloween. If you give him candy items such as lollipops he will reward you with Halloween themed surpises! You will find all of your villagers gathered in the Plaza and the area totally decorated with spooky decor.

Halloween Makeup

You will be able to exchange Nook Miles for cool Halloween extras such as body paint to give your costume that extra spooky feel! They will also be able to be exchanged for coloured eye contacts!

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Ring Fit Item

All players who download this update will receive a free Ring Con item in game!

Reactions/Smartphone App

Nintendo are also pumping up the NookLink service inside the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. This is taking place in early October and will allow players to play out reactions in game straight from your smart device.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, Nintendo have announced another update to take place in late November! So much to look forward to in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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